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How to Make More Money as a Realtor

A good way to survive and overcome these difficult economic times, is to improve your tools and introduce some productive ways of making more money. Our ideas can help you gain more clients while getting the aid of experts. This way you will be able to continue to grow your business.


Understanding the 5PS of Marketing

Whether you’re a shoemaker or a restaurant with 20 employees, you must understand the 5 PS of marketing to grow your business. These variables of marketing should satisfy the customers in the target market.
By building this easily memorable set, the 5PS theory is a quick guide about covering most major categories of marketing activities and the framework in which these can be used.


Top 5 qualities of a good team-leader

Every team leader plays an important role in an organization. That’s why he should possess some fundamental characteristics that encourage his members to listen and to follow him. Undoubtedly, a good team leader must stimulate his team members to work better.