Can Landscaping Help Increase Employee Productivity?

Office buildings can often seem like a lifeless box of concrete and glass mixture. Adding a few green areas can highly improve both the appearance of the building and also the productivity of employees, according to expert studies. The study showed that enjoying a short break in an area surrounded by nature can help boost productivity with 6%, while the productivity people who took the same break in areas surrounded by other buildings decreased by 8%. This is why landscaping can have a tremendous impact on employee productivity and attention span and can improve both their mental and physical state.

Natural Environments Improve Mental and Physical Health

When individuals have to perform tasks that require a lot of focus, relaxing in an outdoor space rests the mind and improves attention span. Hiring a Landskapsarkitekt will help you achieve this goal. This can mean as little as having an urban garden on the terrace of the building or a small park near it, where employees can relax or enjoy their lunch break. Spending more time in nature helps employees feel more energetic, and significantly reduces work stress. Expressing the desire to make the workplace more enjoyable and comfortable for them not only guarantees stability and productivity, but can also significantly boost a company’s image amongst their clients. It communicates to everyone that the employer cares about the work space and promotes a healthy environment. 

Besides the effects it has on the mental health, a natural environment also increases physical health, resulting in better sleep, reduced hearth issues and easy illness recovery. It also encourages physical activities, like taking a walk around the building on breaks, which can be more enjoyable when surrounded by trees and plants. This is especially encouraged in jobs that involve sitting at a desk in front of a computer for most of the time spent at work.


Ideas for a greener workplace

Providing a green work environment does not necessarily involve big investments or changes. While a Landskapsarkitektur company can provide a general project for an office building that will surely impress even the people walking by, there are some ideas that can be implemented with very little costs.

  • Front entrance: emphasizing the front entrance with some small potted trees can help draw attention towards the building and make for a more welcoming first impression, according to professional Landskapsarkitekter.
  • Outdoor seating area: Whether it’s a small terrace or an entire seating area outside the building, adding some trees and seasonal plants can help give the employees a place where they could enjoy lunch and socialize. The project doesn’t have to be complicated. It can go as little as a few benches under some trees or, if the building only has a small terrace, adding a few potted plants can work wonders.
  • Water features: if the space allows, a small fountain can be a nice addition to the overall image of the recreation area. Running water is known to have a calming effect and works as a natural stress reliever for employees.

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