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How to Keep a Spa Pool Clean

It is very important to keep a pool clean at all times, especially the public ones. If you own a spa, and you have an indoor pool there as well, then you must know how to keep a spa pool clean, so that your customers can be safe at all times. Therefore, read this article in order to find all the information you need regarding this aspect.

You must regularly test the water and adjust the chemical levels

This is an essential step, that must not be omitted when it comes to cleaning a spa pool. It is essential to test the water frequently and also adjust the chemical levels. You can just buy a spa test strip, which is actually very easy to read, and it will provide you information such as the alkalinity of water, chlorine, pH level, calcium hardness, and total hardness as well. Once you have done this, you will need to adjust the chemical levels. When doing this, you must make sure you keep the water running while you add the chemicals, so that the jets can mix very well the chemicals in the water.

Chlorine must also be used

For a great sanitization, you must definitely use chlorine. There is not an exact amount of chlorine that you need to add. It actually depends on the size of your pool. It is recommended to talk to a professional, in order to find out how much chlorine you should add, in order to sanitize the pool. However, this is a detail that you must not forget about, and keep in mind to put it into practice.

It is highly recommended to clean the filter frequently

If you are wondering how to keep a spa pool clean, then one of the things that you must do is to clean the filter every two weeks. If you do so, you will actually keep the whole pool very clean, and swimmers will be safe at all times. If the filter has stopped working or it is damaged, then you will have to replace it.

If you want your spa pool to be clean at all times, then opt for a robotic pool cleaner

How can you obtain a very clean and safe water in a spa pool? If you are asking yourself this question, and you do not know what to do, then the answer is very simple, you must get a robotic vacuum cleaner. This wonderful device makes, without a doubt, miracles. It can remove dust and dirt in the shortest time possible, and it can also eliminate debris from the floor, walls, and steps as well. The water will remain clean, and people who are using it will not have any sort of health problems.

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