Learn more about the freight forwarding and logistics industry

Freight forwarding and logistics industry has gained great importance over the years due to the technology high-speed evolution, such that companies are able to offer an extensive range of services. Besides warehousing and transportation of huge amounts of merchandise, they also track and book the required space for your merchandise, negotiate the costs of the transportation and provide insurance. In short, they import and export your goods. In order to accomplish these steps, they must have a stable relationship and communication with various companies that ensure transportation on different routes and discuss the possible costs. After this procedure, they can select the most economical option taking into consideration certain factors, namely reliability, costs and speed because their main goal is efficiency and satisfied clients. Considering these aspects, you can easily resort to a freight forwarding company if you do not have the possibility to reach a certain location while ensuring the efficiency of the transportation process.

Before resorting to a company that can manage your local or international shipping, you have to make a distinction between freight forwarding and 3PL, also known as Third-party logistics because it involves a manufacturer, a customer and a shipper.  Freight forwarding companies use carriers to ensure the transportation of your goods by different ways like rail or highway, marine or air, without involving personally in the process. On the other hand, 3PL can provide full services, which means that they are able to manage your entire supply chain. Besides the fact that 3PL companies hold the best tricks when it comes to various practices in the industry and are accustomed with the technology development, the 3PL software solutions enter the field with the sole purpose of ensuring a proper management with all its complex processes. Therefore, you should make a decision according to your needs.

As we mentioned above, freight forwarding companies offers various services that involve an increased attention to details and documents management in order to meet complex requirements without too much expense. However, according to the fluctuations of the economy and the changes in politics, these companies may encounter difficulties. High oil prices represent a major risk for the industrial production while natural disasters can seriously damage the companies’ productivity. In terms of transport cost allocation, there are companies that hold various methods with the goal to minimize your expenses. In addition, we must be aware of the fact that unforeseen situations may happen and it is possible for the company to lose control over a shipment at some point.

Fortunately, there are certain companies with great references and experience that are willing to provide multiple services and solutions related to the agreement control, fakturakontroll and more, which will cause an improvement in the transportøkonomi and maximum control over the freight result. With the help of modern technology, they can supervise your agreements and costs while providing verified invoices directly to your company. Their results always prove to be effective and many previous clients can state that besides the consulting services, their contribution brings a significant change to the functioning of different processes in your organization.

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