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Must Have Appliances for an Office Kitchen

The office kitchen is the place where people take their break and socialize while having lunch or enjoying a cup of coffee. For it to be practical and friendly, it must be equipped with some useful appliances that will offer workers all the comfort they need. Here is a list of the must have appliances that make the office kitchen a cozy place.

A practical microwave office for tasty lunches

Most people working in an office have lunch there so a microwave oven will come in handy in any office kitchen. Whether they want to reheat their food or cook easy and fast microwave recipes, this appliance will turn out to be useful. We recommend a compact unit that doesn’t require much counter space but it’s best to go for a commercial-use model that will keep up with intense use. Read some microwave ratings and reviews in order to see which would be the best choice for your office kitchen.

A quality coffee maker for the best cup of coffee

The coffee maker is the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when thinking about an office kitchen because everyone wants to enjoy a delicious coffee in the morning. There are many types and sizes to choose from and the choice depends on the number of people that will be using the device and the size of the kitchen. It’s best to opt for a traditional drip coffee maker that will make several cups at once or go for an espresso machine that delivers one cup at a time using ground coffee or beans. Or, better yet, you can choose a model that combines both choices.

A compact refrigerator for storing food

Every kitchen must have a refrigerator for storing food in proper conditions and the office kitchen shouldn’t miss this appliance either. Having a refrigerator at the office will allow workers to save lunch money and will increase productivity since they won’t spend too much time eating out. You can opt for a small unit that will keep food fresh and cold for a small number of people or you can choose a larger version if you need more food storage space.

A water cooler for fresh and cold water

You can see a water cooler in almost any office because people need to drink water very often and they also need water for making coffee or tea. A water cooler can hold gallons of water and can even offer hot water so it’s truly efficient. Add to that the water filtration it provides and you will see why the water cooler is a must have in any office kitchen.

These are the must have appliances that any office kitchen should have. Before you buy these appliances, do some research to see which products have a better feedback from the customers. For example, from the latest microwave ratings you can learn which are the most efficient and durable microwaves. Reviews and ratings are a good indicator that show if certain appliances perform as well as advertised.

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