PR Agencies – Find the Right Match

With the PR industry growing so much in the past decade, it may seem like an easy way to find one that can best represent your interests. Truth is that, with so many options, it has actually become more difficult to find the right firm, who can meet your expectations and help your business accomplish the objectives set.

PR works best when you collaborate with an agency that knows your interests and understands your product, has a wide knowledge of the industry and can elaborate a strategy to avoid or manage a crisis, but there are many aspects that need to be taken into consideration when making the decision of who to represent you.

Decide on the Size of the Firm

When you hire a PR agency, keep in mind that they come in all shapes and sizes. While for a freelancer it might be easier to work with a small company, or even with another freelancer, big companies prefer to have an entire team strategizing the best solutions for raising their brand’s name. An important factor in deciding which type of agency to choose is the budget you have and what it will mean to the firm you decide to hire because the same amount of money can get you more from a smaller agency than from a big fish.

Know What You Want

Let’s say you decided on what type of PR agency you want to hire and established a few meetings. A few things to ask the agency prior to the meeting are:

  • Ask to meet the whole team – even if the team consist of one or five people, ask for all of them to be in the meeting, as this will give you a chance to know who you are working with
  • Ask what services they provide – some PR agencies also offer marketing strategy, web design or SEO services and, as this PR agency Indonesia based says, those go hand-in-hand with public relations
  • Be specific about the budget – ask exactly what they can offer for that amount of money


Request Reference

For this relationship to work, it is important that the agency you work with has a good understanding of what your needs are. If you are unaware of what the potential of the agency is, ask for them to provide some reference. Who did they work for in the past? Can you see some of their previous work? Maybe ask for a little DEMO, for example, to be invited to one of the events they are organizing, to see if they come up with the whole package, like this event organizer Jakarta does.

Don’t Forget Chemistry

A PR agency should feel like an extension to your company. If they seem to have all the right answers to your questions, they have your company’s best interests at heart, they align to your business’ core values and negotiation doesn’t feel like a constant battle, this may mean you found the right partner and you can sign on the dotted line.

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